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Air Circuit Breaker

ABB Air Circuit Breaker

Electronic OCR

Terasaki Air Circuit Breaker Manual (also available at terasaki.es)

Merlin Gerin Circuit Breaker Application Guide

Paper on Over Current Protection Relay Using PIC Micro Controller

Air Compressor

Main Air Compressor Circuit


Brushless Alternator

Brushless Excitation

Fault-finding Manual


Miura Boiler Presentation

Cadmium Sulphide Flame Sensor

Fuel Valve Identification

Misfiring Guide

Omron PLC Technical Guide

PLC CQM1H Dedicated IO Units Manual for the Miura Boiler

PLC CQM1H Manual for the Miura Boiler

PLC CQM1H Programming Manual for the Miura Boiler

Sunrod Boiler Basics

Circuit Symbols & Basics

Control Circuit Symbols

Electrical Symbols, Magnetic Contactors & Relays

AC vs. DC Solenoids


Pneumatic PID Controller Basics (PDF)

Pneumatic PID Controller Basics (Presentation)

Pneumatic PID Controller Basics (view the presentation online)

Summary of Rules for UMS Ships


Paper on Cycloconverter

High Voltage Systems

Fault Level Calculation using the MVA Method

Symmetrical Fault Level Calculations

Motors, Control and Power Distribution

Siemens Technical Education Program

Protection and Monitoring Systems

AC Induction Motor Monitoring

Fuse Facts

Impact of Synchronous Generators Excitation on Protection Relays

Over Current Relay

Overload Protection Basics

Voltage Unbalance and Single-phasing in Motors

Radar Magnetron

Magnetron Replacement (Example)

Magnetron Theory; Courtesy www.cpii.com/bmd


Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas

Electrical Safety Presentation (zipped)

Electrical Safety Presentation (PDF)

Static Electricity and Cargo Tanks

Shaft Earthing

MGDuff International Shaft Earthing System

Shipís Speed Measurement

Furuno Doppler Speed Log Manual

Tank Radar

SAAB Tank Radar Technical Description


Unit Conversion Tool


Theory of Transformers



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