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How does an alternator work?


Bearing Numbering System

Bearing Fundamentals

Bearing Clearances and Shaft Alignment

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker

Miniature Circuit Breaker

HV VCB Rack-in/out Demo at Shipyard

Residual Current Devices (Rcd) - How They Work

How to wire a Residual Current Device

DC Generator

DC Generator


DC and AC Motors

DC Motor

Brushless DC Motor and Other Motors

1-phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

3-phase Squirrel cage Induction Motor

How Electric Motors Are Made

Induction Motor Construction

Motor Bearing Installation

Motor Overhaul

Motor Rewinding and Re-manufacturing


PLC Basics Part 1

PLC Basics Part 2

How to Program a PLC Part 1a

How to Program a PLC Part 1b

How to Program a PLC Part 1c

Propulsion Systems

Azipod Propulsion

Azipod Assembly

Kamewa CPP

Kamewa Waterjet

Shore Power

Alternate Marine Power for Ships

Shore Power Supply


Solenoid Basics

Direct-acting Solenoid Valve


Analogue Synchroscope


How does a transformer work?


How to do Electrical Troubleshooting of Electrical Motor Control Circuit

Electrical Troubleshooting of a relay control circuit

How to Follow Wiring Diagrams

Reading Electrical Schematics

Easy way to test Capacitors, Diodes, Rectifiers using a Multimeter

Testing a Capacitor

Identifying a bad capacitor



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